ABI Media Holdings (ABI MH) is one of the first media integrator in Poland which was established to meet individual Clients’ needs.
ABI MH it is first of all online marketing agency specialized in advertising campaigns being prepared based on individual, very effective solutions. It is also knowledge academy offering wide scope  of trainings conducted by experienced professionals in areas such as digital marketing, coaching, HR, PR etc. ABI MH covers also information services, which deliver required business knowledge to the entrepreneurs.
ABI Media Holdings offers unique and tailored solutions which are not only value added assets for our Partners but most of all are part of their success.


Usage of new technologies is the base for the success of many companies. They form key tool for promotion of the company but more over they are main platform for sales and communication.
That is why at AB MH we create and implement dedicated solutions which are in line with actual and optimal needs of our Clients.


  • More than 120 000 applications
  • Application categories and users’ profiles as target (business / information / education / tourism / sport / fashion / music / etc.)

MOBILE and B2B / B2C data base

  • Mailing
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • IVR

VIDEO & Content Marketing

  • Rich Media
  • Video e-mailing
  • Video tutorials
  • Experts’ knowledge articles
  • Sections
  • Native Ad


Call Center


SMS / voice IVR / return text (SMS)

Postal dispatch


As of the first in Poland, we have a pleasure to offer you specialized trainings aiming in DIMAQ Certificate. These certificates are the confirmation of the unique knowledge, highest skills and competencies in online marketing area. Trainings are held on two levels: professional and expert and cover both effectivity and communication. Certificates are in line with KRK and EQF guidelines and are the guarantee of the world standards qualification levels – so much demanded by Entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad.

Read more: http://dimaq.abimedia.pl/

Being the team of professionals having wide knowledge and skills in many areas of management and marketing, we can propose to our Clients additional trainings, which can enhance Client’s competencies and upgrade qualification of their team members. Despite of the sector Clients are operating in, we are offering tailored-made courses covering such areas as:

  • Effective usage of global net potential  / knowledge of internet law and regulations
  • Marketing and communication strategy aiming in possessing new clients / implementation of call – centers system
  • Legal certainty of the information and data (ABI / GIODO)
  • Supporting management of the company in Human Resources aspects (internal communication, recruitment, development, coaching, etc.)

Our team is dedicated to ensure that chosen training will bring utmost value and significant impact to our Clients’ success. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

As ABI Media we combine passion with professionalism. Having innovative approach and deep knowledge, we are able to not only participate but also create network marketing and advertisement market. Engagement and individual treatment allow us to offer most unusual solutions at each stage of its processes: from creating the concept through realization up to final success.
Recommendations from our Clients and their satisfaction is the key to our motivation and shows our professionalism in achieving stated business goals and implementing Client’s sales strategies.

Agnieszka Świerczewska

Sales Partner

Maksym Zakharko

Chief Technology Officer

Aneta Przybyłek

Sales Manager

Patryk Bryzek

Sales Manager

Magdalena Jandzińska

Sales Manager

Damian Sadłowski

Programmer & IT Specialist

Denis Maksimov

IT Specialist

Jaryna Solomczak

Office Manager

Filip Kostro

Sales Department Assistant


ABI Media Holdings Sp. z o. o. Ul. Domaniewska 47 lok. 10 02-672 Warszawa

ABI Media Holdings Sp. z o. o.
47 Domaniewska street, local 10
02-672 Warsaw, Poland
NIP: 5213714973 REGON: 363159021
KRS: 0000593151

Office address:
Krucza 16/22 street
00-526 Warsaw, Poland
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